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Some of our competitors whom we have successfully competed against are B.E. Smith, Huron Consulting, Hospital Consulting, Delta Consulting, Blue Jay Consulting, EMPATH consulting, and others.



They were working on-site, full-time, alongside staff, listening and guiding people, which contributed a big part to the success.   

Sherry Casali

Emergency Services Director

Meriter Hospital

We live in our clients' hospitals full time for the duration, rounding through all shifts and weekends. And we return on our own dime every six months for a week to be sure all management systems are sustained. No other consulting firm in the United States has generated similar results all within such a short time frame, nor have they generated Compirion's long-term sustainability. Nor has any firm matched our guarantee. We think our exceptional clinicians, MDs, analyists and hospital executives combined with our guarantee keep us focused on helping creOur Clinicians, MDs and Hospital Executives work side by side with your staff in their departments, rotating through all shifts and weekends. We rotate through weekends and all shifts on site full time to reach remarkable results.